Nursing & Artistic Therapies

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June 2021: Nursing Therapies are again available 902 Santa Fe!

Nursing therapies are often applied in collaboration with an anthroposophic physician as part of an integrative approach to healthcare.  The physician may give specific prescriptions for herbal compresses, medicinal oils and organ applications in order to more fully address a patient’s medical condition.

Herbal Compresses:
These warm herbal compresses take about one hour while the patient relaxes, fully-dressed, on a treatment table.  Blankets, pillows and natural fiber wraps are used to keep patients warm and comfortable.  The treatment may begin with rhythmic embrocation (see below) to feet and lower legs to help the body relax and receive the treatment.  The compress is then applied to an organ for 15-20 minutes, followed by a period of rest so the patient may fully take in the healing effects of the treatment.

Rhythmical Einreibungen (RE):
RE, also known as Rhythmic Body Oiling, is an application of medicinal oil that weaves together the polar principles of form and movement to improve circulation, breathing and tissue tone.  The nurse uses gentle and fluid hand movements imbued with warmth, rhythm and breathing to support a person’s feeling of well-being and inner harmony.  RE is an ongoing conversation between nurse & patient; with a series of sessions the greatest inner effect can be noticed.  All sessions include a rest time so the intention of the treatment is fully digested & taken up by the patient.

Services Offered:
Herbal compresses
Allow 1.25 hours

Rhythmical Einreibungen or Rhythmic Body Oiling:
Whole body, Part body, or Organ Specific
Allow 1.5 hours