Our practice

We are an integrative family practice, striving to re-enliven modern medicine by offering a holistic and individualized approach to healthcare through osteopathy, homeopathy, and Anthroposophic medicine.

We understand that the body, mind, and spirit are interwoven throughout all stages of health and disease, and we work to integrate these aspects in our patient care.

Our office is made up of a team of medical providers, nurses, therapists and staff members. We offer a wide scope of health care for infants, children and adults and provide continuity by encouraging patients to access other practitioners in our group as needed. Our providers frequently communicate with other physicians, dentists, therapists and healthcare providers to coordinate a comprehensive treatment plan as a team.

However, we do not offer the full spectrum of primary care services or 24 hour care. Because of this, we require our patients to maintain a relationship with a Primary Care Provider.

The importance of having a Primary Care Provider or PCP cannot be over-emphasized.  Some examples of when you would need to contact your PCP include:

  • urgent care needs, traumatic injuries, and hospital admissions
  • after-hours and on-call physician access
  • some routine examinations and procedures not provided by our clinic, such as gynecological exams
  • referrals or orders for studies that are only covered in-network
  • refills on prescriptions managed by your PCP or specialist