I became certified as an Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist in 2018. Anthroposophic Nursing is a holistic and integrative approach to health and illness. At its core is the conscious awareness of the bridge between the physical body and the spiritual being of each person. The nurse works with warmth, rhythm and conscious awareness to nurture and support a patient’s own life giving & healing forces.

I enjoy working with all ages of people, joining with them on a path of discovery as they find their way to an experience of greater wholeness and well-being. I have profound respect for the mystery of the human body and of illness as an agent for change and awakening. My practice is called Dedicare, an Italian word incorporating devotion and dedication; add in compassionate caring-this is the core of my Anthroposophic Nursing practice.

My main areas of focus are Rhythmical Einreibungen or Embrocation (RE) & External Applications of compresses and oil cloths. Utilizing nursing knowledge of the human being and life processes as well as human development allows me to tailor the plant-based external application to the patient’s unique situation and life phase.

I graduated from USF School of Nursing in 1981, became certified in Waldorf Teacher Training in 2000, Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy in 2012, Rhythmical Einreibungen in 2016 and became an Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist in 2018. I welcome your inquiry and questions. Please contact me at: dedicare2000@gmail.com or 415-250-2224